Sunday, December 06, 2009

Backpacking TW Day 1

Day Two:
Arrived at Taipei Backpackers in Ximenting. Nice clean place, except for the long flight of steps to the main counter.

Was very very very hungry, so decided to get some food. It was cold that day in ximenting. 16 degrees celcius when i reached the airport at around 2. They thought i was going to TW for studies. i looked Uni age? During the flight, I sat between two Uncles from M'sia. Friendly uncles. Anyway, in Ximenting, I believe the temperature went lower when the sun went down. Hungry and cold, I walked into the first warmer looking food providing shop大車輪. It turned out to be a nice restaurant that served good japanese cuisine. Some photos to make u hungry. :P

guess how much that was? I thought it would be a very expensive meal for the kind of food I ordered. Surprisingly, it's only NTD298!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Backpacking Day1

wow wow...
here i m, sitting in starbucks in the weeeee hours of the night with other fellow travellers, waiting for morning to arrive, to transit to wherever they wanna go.
A newly attached couple is sitting at the next table, discussing plans to sightsee or shop in HongKong. A french young lady in bright yellow sitting in front of me skyping...rather loudly too.

I drank lemonade in of my favourites.
It is interesting now, when i see single travellers, with a lappy on hand, using the wifi in starbucks, having time to themselves.

Battery on lappy is nearly gone. can't 'chope' seat with a plug. :P

Adventure Begins!!!

Update at 4.13am
haiz...i m such a blur! there is a plug right under my seat, n i din know until the ah boy at the next table asked to use the plug to charge his phone.

No starbucks bear for del dear though. sorry dearie. they don't have it in the store.
now i know why travellers love starbucks so much.
one drink, n i get to use the wifi n electric plugs.
:P point learnt.

Budget terminal at KL is BIG/HUGE/ENORMOUS!
imagine i have to walk more than 10 minutes from the plane to the immigration, n then walk another 5 mins to pick up my luggage~
n it is divided into two big sections, domestic n international! wahseh, luckily i din manage to get lost, n found starbucks (the only store that's open after midnight). But i got lost going to the toilet though. :P tried to open an office door. soooo embarrassing. luckily no one else was ard when i was doing that.. :P

okie lah
really need to get some sleep now
will leave the plug on for the lappy to charge, along with my camera~

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D.N.A Mayday 09'World Tour



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